NeoFPS is a first person shooter toolkit designed from the ground up to help game developers working with the Unity game engine to achieve their vision. Developed with the core goals of flexibility, extensibility and power, NeoFPS enables you to precisely meet your design goals or experiment with new ideas.

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This playable demo showcases the current features of NeoFPS. For information on upcoming features and longer term plans, take a look at the roadmap.

Note: NeoFPS is not a complete game and is not intended to be. It is purely a tool for other developers to create high quality FPS games with Unity.

Playing the demo

In the browser build, use the Tab button to access the menu (the escape key is reserved).

For the best experience, download the windows build below. The WebGL build has all of the functions of the standalone windows build, but WebGL has a number of additional graphics and performance limitations.

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts via the contact page for feedback or the support page for any bugs.

Install instructions

Download and extract to the desired folder and then run NeoFPS.exe


Download 295 MB
Version 1 Oct 20, 2019

Development log


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good work

looks good but it could use a graphic setting because i was lagging like crazy

Hey there, thanks for the feedback. I'll be adding some graphics settings in the near future when I expand the post-processing. Can I ask about the lagging though? Was it constant or during specific actions? There's a known issue with the particle systems that the first time they spawn (bullet hits and explosions), there is a spike while all the resources are loaded. It smooths out over time, and I have a fix that should be in the next upload. Also, the WebGL version has some limitations that can affect performance, and I'll be switching to standalone desktop only as more features are added.

hey, thats pretty good

Cheers. More to come... :)

nice :)

Thanks :)