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NeoFPS is a first person shooter toolkit designed from the ground up to help game developers working with the Unity game engine to achieve their vision. Developed with the core goals of flexibility, extensibility and power, NeoFPS enables you to precisely meet your design goals or experiment with new ideas.

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This playable demo showcases the current features of NeoFPS. For information on upcoming features and longer term plans, take a look at the roadmap.

Note: NeoFPS is not a complete game and is not intended to be. It is purely a tool for other developers to create high quality FPS games with Unity.

Playing the demo

To keep up to date, consider using the itch.io launcher. Alternatively, you can download the zip file from the website, extract and run NeoFPS.exe

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts via the contact page for feedback or the support page for any bugs.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsFPS, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksHomepage, Unity Asset Store, Support


neofps-windows.zip 240 MB
Version 22 Nov 10, 2023

Install instructions

Download and extract to the desired folder and then run NeoFPS.exe

Development log


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Can i Convert it into third Person Game with multiplayer(for mobile potentially)? , you guys have a really good Shaders and animations ..

It would be a lot of work to do that - NeoFPS isn't currently set up for multiplayer and to get it properly working would require modifying some of the code. I'm looking at ways to improve the architecture for that, but it will be towards the end of the year before that will make a difference for you, at the earliest.

Similar goes for the third person body at this time. It's very much a body attached to a first person setup instead of a first person camera attached to a full body character. I'm adding AI soon, and doing some work for their body and weapon setup that should feed back into future third person / multiplayer solutions later in the year.

Sorry I don't have an easier reply for that just yet. As new features come online, the situation should improve drastically there.

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Thank you for explaining it concisely 😊. Really appreciate it


Does it have real enemies? If it does, then it is perfect. If it doesn't then it is still amazing and can't wait to play.

Not yet, but they're coming in 2023

its 2023

That it be. Working on it :D


can it have a zombies mode as well

I'll almost definitely be adding an example for zombie style behaviours. I doubt I'll be able to sort my own zombie mesh and animations in time, but I'll look at using third party ones to demo it here


This game has alot of patential with the fp body feeling like CODMW and stuff its pretty fun to play around with

BUG: I connected an xbox one controller, it works on the UI but not in the game. In the settings it says no gamepad detected.

Hi there. Is that connected via wireless? There's an issue in Unity where the hardware name is essentially random characters for newer xbox controllers connected wirelessly, so I can't detect it to assign it a proper mapping. I'll be switching over to a new input system soon, but there's no way for me to fix it without that unfortunately.

No, it's connected with a wire. Even in my own game with NeoFPS it doesn't work. It is also an older controller so yeah.

I count XBox One as newer because I'm old :D. I've never seen that fail wired though. Do you have any other gamepad software running like Joy2Key, XBCD, etc?

Either way the new input system should support it. The asset itself includes a version 1 of that system as an extension package. I'll look at switching the demos over once I've had some more time to polish it

I tried this game for a bit and here is some of my feedback.

1. In the Input Binds. I tried to change the use key to F and it stayed at E. Whenever I went back into the menu it kept saying E after I change it.

2.  A cool idea for the game is to add if you have a pistol you will run faster than if you had an AR out.

3.  Sometimes randomly the ads break where it doesn't allow me to ads. I am not sure how this bug is occurring.

4. The melee feels weak, slow, and clunky. 

Remember don't take any of this to heart this is only feedback


Hey there

Thanks for the feedback - it's always welcome. This is an asset, not a game atm, so bug fixes and extra options benefit all its users.

I'll look into point 1. I just reworked some of the keybinding, so I might have fixed it. I wasn't explicitly looking for that though. Will have it tracked down shortly if not.

2 is definitely doable. I've done similar for an integration with an asset for picking up scene objects. I'll add it to the list

3 I've fixed. I'll get a new build uploaded tomorrow with that fix in, along with some extra polish features.

I agree with 4. In part that's the animations of the baton. I need to do a full rework of the melee system though and expand it to match the firearms for features. Aiming for something along the lines of Vermintide 2, but I have a number of larger features to sort before I get to that.

Hey i like your work and i want to buy it but i need to know if that kit is mobile optimized and if yes then what should i use for mobile controls? or you will provide mobile controls with it ? 

Hi there. I paused work on the mobile version to prioritise AI and then multiplayer. The main asset is focused more on console and PC rather than mobile. I will be adding touch controls in the future, but I won't be marketing NeoFPS as a mobile FPS asset itself, and I'm not sure when/if I will get back on to the mobile asset. Sorry I don't have better news there

have you thought about implementing a non-third party A.I. system?? . If so, making some zombie prefabs would raise your asset to the moon by popularity.

Hey there. Thanks for the suggestion. That's actually one of the big things I'm working towards now. Animations first, then a fairly simple built-in AI. I might expand on it for a separate asset in the future too :)

hey do you know a way to delete some levels from the level select page

may i use this asset in my game?

Of course. It uses the standard asset store license, so once you've bought it you're fine to use it in any commercial games without crediting. You just can't re-sell the art/sounds/code etc in source form (ie not packaged up as a game)

when next update

I'm not too sure at the moment. Working on animation for the new body awareness feature and the upcoming AI update after that. It's a big task. You can follow along on the discord though at discord.neofps.com

does the demmo level have a way to use any door besides the vent

Yep. There is actually a demo scene for doors, including trigger zone based, animated and physical, as well as elevator doors. I'll be adding key locks and numeric locks (including destructible) soon too.

which level lets you swim

Hey there. There's one in the level select screen called "Swimming" (you might need to scroll down)


good work

looks good but it could use a graphic setting because i was lagging like crazy

Hey there, thanks for the feedback. I'll be adding some graphics settings in the near future when I expand the post-processing. Can I ask about the lagging though? Was it constant or during specific actions? There's a known issue with the particle systems that the first time they spawn (bullet hits and explosions), there is a spike while all the resources are loaded. It smooths out over time, and I have a fix that should be in the next upload. Also, the WebGL version has some limitations that can affect performance, and I'll be switching to standalone desktop only as more features are added.

hey, thats pretty good

Cheers. More to come... :)

nice :)

Thanks :)